Electric awning for pop up camper

Awnings for an RV, camper, travel trailer or van need to be durable, sun-resistant, cool to sit under, and waterproof. It will just take time and a few tools and parts. For more information on measuring and replacing RV awning fabric check out this article here.

Best RV Awning Replacement Fabric (Electric or Manual) 2020

In this article, I review some of the best awning replacement brands and what their different qualities are. Here is my list and review of the best manual or electric RV awning replacement fabrics on the market today.

Check Price at Amazon. Aleko is a great producer of budget-friendly heavy-duty RV awning fabric replacements. They have a lot of sizes and colors to choose from, all of them having the very popular hombre fade.

The awning fabric is made of tightly woven vinyl that is UV, water, and mildew resistant. It is only water-resistant so if you are planning to use it as a rain cover, which I do not recommend, water may drip through it. There are 4 different color options with the ombre fade pattern: brownbluegreyand burgundy. There are also striped patterns that you can buy in blue and black. When buying a black awning fabric remember that the color black soak in the heat and it can be warmer under the awning with black than with lighter colors.

All of the awning fabrics are 8 feet wide which is the standard for camper awnings. If you buy a kit specifically for a manual RV awning it will come with a replacement pull-down strap.

There are all different lengths to make the fabrics compatible with all sizes and brands of awnings. Here are some quick ways to get to the different lengths in the blue ombre fade color: 8 feet10 feet12 feet13 feet15 feet16 feet20 feetand 21 feet.

There are a lot of great color options and different sizes. If you can find the size you need, try a different color and you should find what you are looking for. RecPro makes another budget-friendly RV awning replacement fabric. While it may not be an upgrade from the awning fabric your trailer or camper came with it will certianly be better than a torn, moldy awning. Made out of vinyl the fabric is UV and weather resistant.

There are three color options: ocean blue fadecamel fadeand gray fade. Each color has different size options.

electric awning for pop up camper

Ocean blue has 12, 17, 19, 20, 21, and 22 feet. Camel fade has 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 21, and 22 feet. Grey fade has sizes that are 19, 21, and 22 feet. It is budget-friendly though and it will do the job. Shade Pro is makes thicker, high-quality camper awning fabrics that are heavy and very durable. Their standard vinyl is 13 oz 3 ply, cold-crack, and mildew resistant.

With 3 layers of vinyl the fabric is fairly waterproof. There are a wide variety of colors and sizes avalible. From 10 to 21 feet.Thanks for this! Our awning is so old and impossible to set up!

electric awning for pop up camper

This seems super easy! Gonna try it this summer. It really was easy, and set up so much better with an awning that works! I also love how much farther this awning extends as opposed to our old one!

You can't go wrong. Hello, thanks for the info. I couldn't tell what style of awning your ordered. Classic or Supreme? Thanks, Mary. Hi Mary! It is the classic awning that has the twisting tension poles.

We loved this model, and it was a breeze to install and set up. Happy Camping, and I hope that you love your new awning once you complete this project! Did your pop up come with its step? We have a Jayco Eagle 10 and it did not come with the step. Any idea where to find one? Hi Kasey! This is a great question. Our pop up did come with steps. However, I would recommend taking a look at e-trailer.

They do have steps, and they also have a knowledgeable staff that answers online questions that would help you to select the right size. I hope that this helps! Thank you for your feedback and comments. I always review before sharing with other readers. Have a great day!

Monday, April 1, Our new awning is a Shade Maker awning. It is similar in color to the original one but is a marked improvement in the overall quality. If you have an older pop-up camper with failing parts, consider that the cost to replace a basic bag awning could be only slightly more than the cost of purchasing parts to repair an older awning. We repaired our original awning for half of what it cost for us to replace our awning.These bag awnings have a 84" 7' projection.

Actual width of the awning fabric is 4" less than the size of the awning. Measure your track length to determine the awning size, ex. The storage bag is 4" larger than the awning. These classic style bag awnings have twist locking telescoping legs and rafters. A very easy and inexpensive way of creating maximum shade for your campsite. Super Sale Items! RV and trailer classifieds in the USA. Easy to install and use. I purchased this awning to replace the one that was missing when I purchased our used pop up camper.

It was actually pretty easy to install. I did it by myself in about an hour or so. The set up and tear down process is simple and easy. So far I am very pleased with the awning and it really seems to be a top quality product. This awning works great. The spring loaded center rafter does a good job.

Fast shipping and great communication. This is a fantastic awning for the money!!! Easily installed in minutes!! Would definantly purchase again. Great product!! The product was exactly what I needed. Ordering was easy, the staff answered my questions, and communicated about my order throughout the process.

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electric awning for pop up camper

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Camco 12" Awning Straps. Promotion Available See Details. Camco Awning Stabilizer Kit. Previous Page 1 2 Having a sturdy and attractive awning on your camper, trailer, or motorhome extends the useable space around your RV and makes camping trips much more enjoyable and relaxing. This guide will help you make the correct purchase for your next RV awning. In this article, I go over how to choose:. Your RV awning fabric needs to keep the sun and rain away from your camper so you can enjoy your campsite during light rain or when the sun is beating down.

The awning will also help cool the interior of your camper since it will shade nearly the entire side of many RVs. Next, I will explain the differences between acrylic and vinyl fabric RV awnings so you can decide which fabric choice is best for your particular needs. The reason many RVers love to go with acrylic fabric for their awning is that the woven material lets the air circulate through the fabric, so it dries quickly.

In the event you must roll up your awning while still wet, the acrylic fabric has the ability to dry while traveling down the road. The material also lets the heat rise through it during hot days, so you feel cooler under an acrylic fabric awning than one made of vinyl fabric which traps the heat under the awning. The fabric weave is tight enough to withstand rain and keep the burning rays of the sun away from your camper.

Most RVs that have electric awning frames with metal covers use acrylic material for the fabric. The best part about going with an acrylic fabric is that they weave the colors and patterns into the cloth, so your design and color choice stays crisp and bright over time. You will also see this pattern and color from both the top and underside of your awning, which makes it more attractive. Vinyl fabric awnings come standard with most recreational vehicles and should last for many camping seasons if taken care of correctly.

Since vinyl awnings have a layer of lamination on top of the fabric, they are entirely waterproof and will not allow any sunrays to penetrate, which makes sitting out under them during rains or bright, sunny days very comfortable.

I have a vinyl RV awning and camp in hot, humid locations. I do notice that mildew will grow if I leave it for a couple of weeks without washing.

I also notice that morning dew will collect and drip from the underside of the awning which can be annoying. If you must leave your campsite and need to roll up your awning while still wet when you reach your next destination immediately extend your awning to let it dry out completely. Leaving it rolled up wet a day or two will be fine, but expect to have to use an RV awning cleaner to wash the smell and slimy-build up off the awning if you leave it much longer.

RV awning cleaners have additives to help extend the life of the material, and I recommend always using this instead of dish soap or other general RV wash cleaners. Many RVers make a mistake when they measure for a replacement RV awning and then find out the fabric they purchase does not fit the way they expect.

Awning Replacement Parts

The proper way to measure for RV awnings is to measure from the center of the left arm, across the roller bar, and to the center of the right arm. When you place your order, this is the dimension you will use.

The dimension of the awning from your camper to the roller bar is standard across the industry at eight feet. While this arm-to-arm width dimension will seem too large to fit on your awning roller, the actual fabric will fit correctly with a few inches of your roller bar exposed on either end.

Please carefully read the measuring instructions for the particular brand of awning you are purchasing to ensure the right fit, but most, if not all, awning manufacturers use the arm-to-arm measurement for proper sizing. In this next section, I will review the five best RV awnings with the pros and cons of each and a short description that highlights what customers like most, so you can decide which is right for you.

The heavy-duty vinyl material comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so you can find just the right one to complement the colors of your RV and also have it fit perfectly.

The company also heat-welds the seams to protect against tears at stress points like the connections at your RV and roller bar. Customers rave about the easy installation, even though the instructions are not very clear. They also love how well the material holds up in heavy rains, strong wind gusts, and constant exposure to harmful UV rays.

SunWave awnings are a favorite among RVers for the affordable pricing and the ability to purchase slideout awnings if you want to replace all of your fabric at the same time. These awnings are made of durable vinyl and come in a beautiful array of colors to accent your RV exterior design.

INFO: Camper Awning Upgrade

The fade pattern is subtle, graduating from white to vibrant shades of blue, maroon, and tans. They apply the color to both sides of the fabric, so it looks great from above and below.

You can also purchase replacement awnings for slideouts on your RV at the same time.Did you know that your beautiful power awning was a super weakling? There are a ton of people with dire warnings that say, if the wind is anything more than a light breeze, you should bring it in? And never leave the awning out when you leave camp.

The answer is power awning support poles. The first time that I saw these, they were the brain child of a forum member on the Forest River Forums.

But, the power awning support poles are a game changer. Plus my chairs and stuff are better protected from the weather. The nice part about these support poles is that they are self-storing. When you roll the awning up, the support poles hang and are secured to the arms. When deployed, the support poles attach to the end of the awning and extend to the ground.

There are multiple holes for adjusting the pitch of the awning to support water runoff. There are 2 people who are making awning poles and brackets. He sells brackets for mounting them to the awning.

electric awning for pop up camper

After some issues with shipping, he no longer ships poles. You can contact Ron through Forest River Forums. They look really sharp. I have seen a handful of pictures where people have made awning support arms out of PVC. The PVC poles work and work well, though. There is always a weak link in any system.

I had friends whose awning rail pulled out from their camper- likely from a bad installation initially. And sometimes, the awning is really far off of the ground. Of course, bad things can still happen. Use the poles wisely and accept that a certain amount of risk comes with keeping your awning deployed. Yep, this just happened to our awning!

It totally ripped where it connected to the RV and the whole thing came crashing down. He does a great job. They are powder coated black to match the rig and fit like OEM equipment. Excellent article. They really are beautiful. Guess I will be fabing them up on mine own. About how much were the kits you bought? I know that OldCoot only ships brackets. The poles he makes are great but he only does pickup with them in North Carolina.

But, I think he also has instructions for converting painters poles or something from Amazon. I know that Busted Knuckle was still making them recently as I was sitting around a fire in March and someone mentioned buying a set. I see that the FB link is broken.

Lots of demand and hard to keep up the supply. Unfortunately he closed down his Facebook page. I think he is no longer making them during the summer months due to time constraints. Could someone send me a picture of what the awning pole brackets look like that OLD Coots makes.

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