Razor pocket mod reset button

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Razor Pocket Mod Reset Button

Read and understand this entire manual before riding! NOTE: Manual illustrations are for demonstration purposes only. Specifications subject to. Page Illustrations may not reflect exact appearance of actual product. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Item Number: Bistro Bella Betty Page 2: Table Of Contents Do not ride the Pocket Mod in mud, ice, puddles or riders are able to safely and responsibly use this product. Razor recommends water. Avoid excessive speeds that can be associated with downhill rides.

Visit our web site for updates and a list of authorized service centers at www. Remove plastic protector Tighten down the hexagonal and insert handlebar assembly bolt with the 6mm hexagonal key through front fairing and into fork wrench. Raise to desired height keeping the handlebars and fairing aligned within the red arrows of the safety zone.

Page 6: Repair And Maintenance Do not disable or replace this lever with anything other than a genuine Razor replacement part. To adjust the play, thread the If brake is too tight or has too brake lever adjuster on the hand Test anchor securely.

Page 8: Replacement Parts Refer to the disposal instructions at Disposal: Your Razor product uses sealed lead-acid batteries which must be recycled or disposed of in an left. If acid comes into contact with environmentally sound manner.

Do not dispose of a lead-acid battery in a fire. The battery may explode or leak. Do not skin or eyes, flush with cool water dispose of a lead-acid battery in your regular household trash. Page 9: Troubleshooting Guide Correct the conditions that caused the fuse to burn out and avoid repeatedly burning out fuse. Motor or electrical switch damage Contact your local Razor authorized service center for diagnosis and repair.

Undercharged battery Charge the battery. A new battery should have been charged for at least Visit our web site or e-mail us for more information on spare part availability. Page Safety Reminders Little Red purchased. Need Help?

razor pocket mod reset button

Patent Pending Printed in China for Show all Little red Vapor black Pocket mod bistro Pocket mod bella Pocket mod betty Pocket mod daisy Pocket mod vapor silver Pocket mod hannah montana Pocket mod sweet pea Pocket mod little red Pocket mod vapor black.

Print page 1 Print document 12 pages.With its unique, classic Italian, moped design, the Razor Pocket Mod will not disappoint, especially if you are considering it for your daughter. Here for the 14 things you need to know before buying the Razor Pocket Mod? Oh, and before I forget — you should be aware that this is a kids electric scooter.

I just want to remind you that the Razor Pocket Mod is a kids electric scooter. Join our community of Electric Scooter Insiders.

You probably already know the answer to this question if you have read the above section. The Razor Pocket Mod has been built for kids. It has been designed to give every young girl that has an eye for fashion, the perfect electric scooter. Further Information:.

See my guide on the Best Electric Scooters for Kids.

E100: Why does my scooter not run?

I think so. The vintage design is great for any child that has an eye for style and wants the hottest accessory on the block.

Also, the Pocket Mod is available in a range of colors including: black, white, purple, pinkred and blue. From my own experience, I would rate this as a being quite fast across the range of electric scooters on the market. More specifically though, it is up there with the fastest electric scooters for kids. Unless, you would feel comfortable letting your child ride on it at a younger age. Of course, the scooter is safe to ride so it comes down to personal preference.

razor pocket mod reset button

What you should know though, is that your child is sure to have a great time riding the scooter as they get out into the fresh air and whizz around the block. The Pocket Mod is actually the only scooter that I have come across that uses two batteries to power its single speed, chain driven motor, and as a result of the battery power, it can be ridden for 10 miles on a full charge.

Because of the impressive mileage, your child will be able to enjoy riding the scooter not just around the neighborhood but to the park, or the store, or pretty much anywhere within a 5 mile radius!

But, in actual fact, it only weighs 59 lbs. Hear me out. Given the frame of the scooter and the stylish body work it could be a lot heavier than 59 lbs.

More often, adults are the ones who need electric scooters that they can fold and carry because they use them for more practical uses like commuting.

Here is a list of some of the features that make the Pocket Mod an excellent choice for kids :.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Please enter a question. There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Showing of 50 questions. Sort by Most Helpful first Newest first. Generally this kit will repair most issues. If you have new batteries and a working charger they will likely work perfectly with this kit.

When i googled the number it pulled this one up. This kit is a perfect match for The Razor Pocket Mod scooters, version 45 and above. Need hep figuring out your version? Your version is the 7th and 8th digit in the sequence. Example Serial ID : This would represent a version 49 and our kit will work perfectly with it. Thanks, Charlotte :.

Hola wste prodocto me funciona com la razor es. Answer this question. Can this be used for the razor ground force go cart. This kit is not a match for the ground force cart. Unfortunately that kit is discontinued. The sticker identify the version is obliterated. The original controller is dated Will it work on a mx dirt bike.

Example Serial ID : This would represent a version 40 and our kit will work perfectly with it. Hello, Great question. So all versions 13 and above will work.

Failed to get answers. Your version is the 7th and 8th digit in the sequence in between the dashes. Example Serial ID : This would represent a version Will this work with version 9 razor dirtbike?

Unfortunately it will not. It only works on MX Version 33 and up. I have a mx with serial No.Discount does not apply to shipping and handling charges. Customer Service. Contact Us. Shipping Policy. Warranty Policy. Easy Returns. Welcome, Guest! Log-In or Register below. Log In. Shop By Category. Mini Bike. Lift Chair. Hospital Bed. Mobility Aid. Sign In. Register Account. Mobility Scooter and Power Chair Parts.

Recreational Scooter Parts. Street Scooter Parts. Wheelchair Parts. Lift Chair Parts. Kick Scooter Parts. Tools Tubes Wheels. Mobility Aid Parts.

Walker Parts. A Brands. Diggler Drive Medical Dynacraft. Falcon Fatboy Foldawheel. Freedom Freerider Fuzion. Genuine Go-Go Golden. Jazzy Jet Jetson Jonway.When the controller clicks and the scooter does not move that is typically caused by an old or worn out battery pack. The Voltage level of an old or worn out battery pack will significantly drop when the throttle is engaged which will give the controller enough power for its internal relay to click, but not enough power to operate the motor.

When a brake lever switch becomes defective it often locks into the on position which tells the controller to turn the motor off. Disconnecting the brake lever from the controller makes the controller think that the switch is in the off position. I'm trying to fix a razor scooter for a friend. I got a new controller thinking it was the issue. The new controller also doesn't work! I'm not sure where to go next. I'm currently running off a adjustable bench supply instead of batteries. When I hit the throttle I hear a relay click but there is no voltage on the motor.

I unplugged the brake control and still nothing. If I just put the power supply on the motor it spins just fine. When I ohm out the throttle the orange wires short together and so do the brown ones when I engage the throttle.

What else could be wrong? Is there any reason why the motor controller wouldn't work with a bench supply? The controller probably wasn't bad after all! Once I get the new batteries it should be fixed. Maybe I'll ebay the old controller Home Solutions Forums.

How can we help you today? Enter your search term here New support ticket.

razor pocket mod reset button

Check ticket status. This forum is in read-only mode. Please continue to browse, but replies are disabled for now. Michelle burns Norman started a topic about 5 years ago. Why does the controller box click when I twist the throttle? The battery is fully charged. The scooter will not go anywhere's when I twist the throttle just the controller clicks. ESP Support said about 5 years ago. Michelle burns Norman said about 5 years ago.

It dropped 1 when the throttle was engaged.This is your troubleshooting guide to everything and anything that can go wrong with your electric kids scooter. But, it is an electric machine and machines can fail. First, though, remember these important tips before assuming there is something wrong with your electric kids scooter:.

Hi Ms. White — assuming you have done everything to ensure the battery is working, it sounds like an electrics problem. That could be just a loose wire or electric ignition module. Can you kick start the scooter? This is crap. You have to know the kids arent riding on non perfect streets and sidewalks so telling me to check a wire connection is bull crap. There is no easy way to unscrew the areas you want me to check!

My toddlers electric scooter doesnt have electricity. The green light on the charger stays green when I plug it in to the scooter it looks as if no electricity is going thru. Your help is appreciated. Which brand is it?

This sounds like a loose connection. My pr razor scooter has an issue when i fully charge it the motor was making a humming noise and hardly turning the chain at all so i installed new batteries and it now rides but with half the power low battery comes on and somtimes when you hit the on off toggle it makes a humming sound from the motor but i keep hitting the toggle on it somtimes works i assumed it needed a new motor but i know it could be the control. Did you give it a good charge overnight before the first ride?

If so and you are still having the issue, then it may be in need of a good overall service. Is there a scooter store near you? If so take it in and get a quote for service. Good luck! My electric scooter is not working even tho i charged it for like hoursplus it only works when switched on and on charged. Hi — can you give me more information? For some models you need to charge it for at least 12 hours on the first charge.

Razor Bistro Owner's Manual

Hi, the scooter works when plugged into the charger, but as soon as its unplugged its completely dead. I left the charger on all night so it had a full charge — is it possible to break the battery by leaving it on too long?? But, it depends on the brand. This may just be a loose connection, fuse or something wrong with the charging circuit. Check the charging circuit when it is plugged in to see that the batteries are charging.

Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the fuse or circuit breaker. Hi mine is doing the same thing to. I put it on charge all night but the green is on but when i go to ride it it does not work so i mite get a new battery or just get a new one or put a car battery on it. Check that the scooter is compatible with local power. Aussie power is Setting this parameter to true for a dataset will return a dataset containing sequence of the out-of-bag instances instead of the sampled instances.

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