Why joe the plumber doesnt want renewable

The McCain campaign thought they were on to something when "Joe the Plumber" confronted Obama about redistributing the wealth. Yet, there is little evidence that this argument has actually helped them make any real inroads into Obama's support. Since then, there has been no significant movement on the question of which candidate the electorate trusts more on taxes. Why has the argument failed to gain traction? The survey is useful for addressing this question because it delved deep into philosophical issues about the U.

Joe the Plumber is not Main Street America

First off, let's start with what Americans know about the tax system. The survey revealed that only one of three registered voters said that they had heard the term "progressive taxes" and knew what it meant that figure has probably increased during this campaign. But how do voters feel about a tax system that redistributes wealth? Respondents were asked whether it was "the responsibility of government to reduce the differences in income between people with high incomes and people with low incomes.

Thus, on first glance, it seems like McCain's critique of income redistribution should be a successful one.

why joe the plumber doesnt want renewable

But let's drill a little deeper by breaking down responses by party identification. While a majority of Republicans strongly disagree with the idea that the government should work to reduce income disparities, independents are far more divided on the issue. In fact, nearly as many independents strongly agree that the government should be doing this as strongly disagree.

Thus, once you move beyond the Republican base, the criticizing the government's role in wealth redistribution appears to be more of a wash. And at this stage of the campaign, McCain needs to win over those independent voters to gain ground on Obama. In fact, when the McCain campaign criticizes Obama for raising taxes or letting tax cuts lapse, as the Obama campaign prefers to frame it for high income Americans, they may be treading on dangerous ground. As the chart below indicates, this sentiment was particularly prominent among Democrats and independents.

From this perspective, it is not surprising that McCain hasn't gotten much traction by criticizing the fact that Obama wants to increase taxes for high income Americans. Most Americans, particularly those beyond the Republican base, appear to think that high income people should be shouldering more of the tax burden than they are. Another problem with using "Joe the Plumber" to criticize the redistribution of wealth is that this argument doesn't seem to have any particular appeal for the demographic "Joe the Plumber" is supposed to represent--working class whites.

In fact, these voters are just as likely to strongly support a tax system that reduces income disparities as they are to strongly oppose it. Thus, these data indicate that McCain hasn't gained much ground with the tax argument for two reasons.I myself have a son and daughter and the one thing I never want to go through, is what you are going through now.

His son, Christopher, was among the six people killed last weekend. Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians, and the [National Rifle Association].

They talk about gun rights. When will this insanity stop? Santa Barbara are cancelled to remember the six students stabbed and shot to death by a fellow student who shot and killed himself. At least 44 shootings have occurred at elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as on college campuses, around the country since the massacre in Newtown, Conn. The gun debate is currently stalled in Washington. Several states have enacted restrictive gun laws.

As BarbWire highlighted in a footnote to the letter, Wurzelbacher appeared in the news during the presidential campaign, when he met then-presidential candidate Barack Obama and criticized his policy proposals. Wurzelbacher later lost a congressional bid as a Republican candidate.

Joe the Plumber Doesn’t Need to Wait Any Longer

Poll: Gun control legislation under Obama? By Michele Richinick. Close video. Classes at U. More Like This.Joe the plumber is a real personbut also an abstraction for the troubled American blue collar worker. This opinion triggered the usual flow of negative comments; mainly based on old canards or motivated reasoning. It also generated a discussion in a private forum where it was argued that we could have the transition if we could convince the general public that renewable energy is a good thing.

I found myself in partial disagreement with this interpretation and I responded with a comment that I am reproducing here, with minimal edits. So, who decided to push all that money in the wrong direction? The Gnomes of Zurich? The Trolls of Budapest? The Goblins of Southampton?

The Orcs of Bratislava? I think this is the crux of the matter. As you can see in my post, investments in renewable energy seem to have plateaued after On the other hand, it is also true that we see a trend of increase during the past two years; that may indicate a return of interest of the financial system to renewables.

And the impression is that, yes, there is a clear trend in that direction. So, maybe we have a chance, but we must move on. Ugo Bardi teaches physical chemistry at the University of Florence, in Italy. He is interested in resource depletion, system dynamics modeling, climate science and renewable energy. What has hit the second most populous nation in the world — just in the last few months itself — is nothing short of a crisis of Biblical proportions.

An untreatable viral epidemic, a debilitating lockdown, a collapsed economy, hunger stalking every corner of [Read More…]. Related posts:. The Solar Transition. Tags: Alternative Energy. Author: Ugo Bardi. Join Our Newsletter Name:. March 14, — Binu Mathew. All Rights Reserved.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Samuel Wurzelbacher doesnt even have a plumber's license. But Samuel's "Joe the Plumber" persona has been enlisted by Americans for Prosperity, an anti-labor group, to speak against the Employee Free Choice Act, which allows workers a better opportunity to organize.

So he could be working for free - setting an example for the American worker that the right wing manipulators want to believe he represents. They trust him and believe in him anyway - maybe even because of it - and they're comfortable following "Joe"'s political guidance. Dont you love the awful circus that is the Republican Party? Ooh I see, we cant lump Marian Barry into the Democratic Party because you liberals call him "just one individual" but you can continue to bring up "Joe the Plumber", who seems to have found a legit job and try to make it seem newsworthy?

Why exactly is this news that I as a Republican would care about? Only people talking about "Joe the Plumber" seem to be Democrats. Does he intimidate you guys? Originally Posted by pghquest. Originally Posted by GregW. Pro-union poster calls "Joe the Plumer" a "cartoon character". Originally Posted by delusianne. A Double Standard. Karl Rove made a good living Samuel is doing his masters a valuable service. Even though the Americans for Prosperity spokesperson "couldnt say" whether he was actually being paid to bark for them.

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Follow City-Data. Twitter :. Joe the Plumber, Joe the War Correspondent User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Page 1 of 6. Advertisements Samuel Wurzelbacher doesnt even have a plumber's license.

why joe the plumber doesnt want renewable

Quote: Originally Posted by pghquest Ooh I see, we cant lump Marian Barry into the Democratic Party because you liberals call him "just one individual" but you can continue to bring up "Joe the Plumber", who seems to have found a legit job and try to make it seem newsworthy?We believe that you are entitled to the best protection.

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What should an HR professional suggest to the boss? Certainly not wait for the government to come to the rescue!

Call your insurance broker or find a new one with creative ideas to help your business control these insurance costs. The group health insurance marketplace is coming out with new and creative ideas all the time. New prescription plan riders, creative hospital co-pays and dual option plan designs are simple approaches that many businesses have yet to implement.

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Get real ambitious and institute a wellness program at work — healthier employees means fewer claims! If you need to increase the percentage an employee pays towards benefits or downgrade benefits, go right ahead.

You are not alone. Although they make up a smaller portion of your employee benefit costs, have your broker work on the rest of your benefits like dental, life, disability, and vision….

You have more control over your healthcare costs than you think!Past presidential elections may seem tame compared to the mayhem leading up to the vote, but back inthe campaigns did unexpectedly propel an "average Joe" into the national spotlight.

Nope, we're not talking about Joe Biden although he's pretty cool. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. Wurzelbacher mentioned that he wanted to buy a plumbing business. And maybe because the name Wurzelbacher has a lot of syllables, the nickname "Joe the Plumber" stuck.

So, what's ol' Joe been up to since he found himself at the center for at least five minutes of a historic race for the White House? Quite a bit. Check it out.

why joe the plumber doesnt want renewable

In the ads, he explains the switch from analog to digital television and encourages viewers to use the company's products. Fine, we won't judge. Check out the first spot for yourself herebut be forewarned, it features a heavy dose of monotone. But perhaps the real reason Joe's so mad about taxes is because he once got slapped with a lien judgment for not paying them. Granted, those were Ohio state income taxes, but maybe Joe has another number that will magically get rid of those, too.

He doesn't. Pay your taxes, Ohioans. After the election, Joe apparently discovered a real affinity for appearing in front of the camera. His motivation? He wanted to "let Israel's 'Average Joes' share their story.

Want more of Joe the foreign correspondent? Plumber, spokesman, war correspondent It only made sense that Joe venture into music at some point. One such rumored entreaty? A possible record deal with a "major label. You weren't aware that Joe was a musician? Well, he wasn't, really.

why joe the plumber doesnt want renewable

He can sing and obviously has a strong political point of view. Said record deal with major label never came to fruition, so Joe was never able to plumb the depths of his supposed musical talent.

Tabback and released in December According to the paper, Joe sold five copies and spoke to about 11 people. At least I hope they figure that out. In an age of incessant presidential tweeting, it should probably come as no surprise that Joe has been expressing his beliefs willy-nilly all over the web.

Even though Joe entered the spotlight nearly ten years ago, he still attracts a hefty social media following. What we mean is, enter at your own risk. His reasoning?

XPENG P7 1st Drive in Shanghai - FULLY CHARGED for Clean Energy \u0026 Electric Vehicles

In addition to leaving the GOP behind, Joe eventually had some not-so-kind things to say about McCain, the senator who was largely responsible for his notoriety. He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it McCain was trying to use me. I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy. At least he told us what he wanted to do.

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